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Shop The World is a newly established e-commerce solution with offices in Nigeria, United Kingdom, United States and UAE. Our focus is to provide innovative online based shopping and shipping services to Individual consumers and Businesses in Nigeria.

We operate the most innovative and intuitive proxy shopping platform which allows people in Nigeria to make purchases directly from international online companies that, otherwise, would be inaccessible to the Nigeria and other African countries and with just a simple click import it into our platform for processing, shipping and delivery directly to their homes in Nigeria or they can select the option of Office pickup to further reduce their cost; the service from point of sale to point of delivery takes between 3 working days to up to 15 days depending on country of service. For example, purchases made in UK can reach customers in Nigeria within 3 days; US is 7 working days, Europe is 8 days etc.

At SHOP THE WORLD, We also have operations in more than 12 other countries outside Africa delivering innovative shopping solutions and superior delivery services to our customers through various agencies, thereby bringing your shipping costs relatively low all round; saving you money for your next purchase.