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Visit your favorite online International store and browse for items you want to purchase e.g. (Amazon, Ebay, Apple Store). Copy the link to the specific item you desire to buy.

Paste the weblink of the item(s) you copied into 'my box'. Proceed to make mayment. Shop the world begins the process of buying your items and moving to our warehouse, Shipping process starts, Receive item in Nigeria within 3-5 business day.

Shop the world also gives you the opportunity to consolidate your items; here you where you can buy as much items as you desire and keep them in your box, until you are ... everytime and consolidate them into a box and get it any time you desire. this saves your shipping cost. Don't know where to shop from? Card Declined? Shop the world offers a free service to clients by shopping for them. Register, mail at customerservice@shoptheworldgroup.com, itemise what you want to buy and the quantity. Shop the world updates you by sending the item details to you(size, amount, image), you pay us and we proceed to buy on your behalf and ship to Nigeria.